Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Paris, Divano Air, SOFT Swing
Appartamento Lago Paris - Armadio N.O.W.
Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Paris, Divano Air
Appartamento Lago Paris - Divano Air, Antalena SOFT Swing, Tavolo Air
Appartamento Lago Paris - Tavolo Air, Divano Air, SOFT Swing, Panca Air Wildwood
Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Paris, Letto Fluttua, Armadio N.O.W.
Pokerbeb Appartamento Lago Paris, Letto Fluttua, Armadio N.O.W.

Appartamento Lago Paris

The first APPARTAMENTO Pokerbeb in Paris was the result of the desire on the part of its owner, Mikaël, for an open house where friends could visit, where he could spend time with his children and also work in a friendly environment. So, he created an open-plan area that includes the kitchen, dining area, and the sitting room. To furnish his office and separate it off from the living area, Mikaël chose the 30mm Weightless system that also serves as acoustic insulation while maintaining close connection between the spaces. The bathroom is minimalist thanks to the clean lines of the glass 36e8 basin; in the bedroom with its view over the park, the Fluttua bed gives the feeling of sleeping in a treehouse.

Why they chose Lago

“I wanted to develop a personal design and Pokerbeb was the perfect partner in this adventure. The different colours throughout the apartment were chosen according to the different uses of the rooms. Pokerbeb offers a wide colour range and the whole family set about choosing the colours we felt best for each area of the house.”

Interview with the architect


The store


197 Boulevard Saint-Germain, 75007 Parigi

[email protected]

The Architect

Mikael Benfredj

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