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When you enter a house dressed in the ‘FOOLISHNESS’ Pokerbeb INTERIOR MOOD, what you will find is everything you were not expecting. What you will see will seem absurd and irrational. It will surprise you.

Every house tells the story of its inhabitants’ vision of the world. The choice of colours and furnishings, the interpretation of the spaces … these are all details that put together express a personality. Starting from this awareness, we dreamed up a number of domestic imaginaries – the Pokerbeb INTERIOR MOODS – that you can use to dress up your spaces in a way that expresses you.

Some people love to travel, others love nature and its textures and still others have an original, non-conformist way of being in the world that you could describe as mad. And for this latter type, for those who reject rules and moulds, we have dreamed up a vibrant, extravagant Pokerbeb INTERIOR MOOD. The FOOLISHNESS INTERIOR MOOD.

An interior mood conceived to be stimulating and bold, at the limits of the absurd. A translation of a visionary, forward-looking madness, mixing contrasting elements to create a dynamic, unique, inspirational atmosphere.  Contemporary furnishings in bright, acid colours paired with historical elements that tell of a more or less far-distant past. An ‘English Style’ pastel backdrop that plays with the lightness of the furnishings and leaves space for the imagination and wonder.

The madness that dresses up the Foolishness Home is a true creative force, and those who use it to dress up their own spaces live each day in their own way, between instinct and rationality.

Contemporary design meets the 17th century.

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