The location is a historical building in the Piedmont capital. The tenant is the , one of Italy’s most dynamic cultural clubs.

Framed by seventeenth-century charm, fill of history and stories of illustrious guests, for about one week our design has revolutionised the space, transforming it into a place of extraordinary comfort. Here, at the seat of the  Circolo dei Lettori, we have opened a new , the sixth in the Pokerbeb INTERIOR LIFE NETWORK.

The challenge of redesigning the seventeenth-century Graneri della Roccia building was unique: making a few of the palazzo’s rooms comfortable through contemporary design that fosters an atmosphere of sharing ‘since if the space is to be one of sharing passion and knowledge, the habitat needs to become the means of circulating this aim.’

The redesign is a physical and metaphorical state. We created the space thinking in terms of contrasts. In order to translate the dynamism that animates the soul of the into an interior space, we enhanced the original decorative elements, including frescoes, stuccowork and ornamentation, pairing them with contemporary furnishings in acid, bright colours. To foster exchange, we created fresh new contexts in the historical architectural context surrounding them.

In the gallery on the first floor, which is accessed via the old monumental staircase, we set up a large Pokerbeb COMMUNITY TABLE. Bathed in the light coming in from the windows facing the courtyard, the table is an invitation to sharing and dialogue. In the centre of the Great Hall, one of the largest private halls in Turin, we build a Wildwood stage for welcoming speakers in a comfortable suspended salon. Finally, the Philosopher’s Room became a space dedicated to relaxation and comfort. Designed to make people feel ‘at home’, it includes a functioning island kitchen perfect for brunches and cooking demonstrations.

The Pokerbeb INSIDE TURIN @Circolo del Lettori is a unique space, balanced between past and present, one that makes everyone feel welcome and can expand the boundaries of the club. It is not the first time that we have encountered the and, just like the others, the space has become like a home.


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