Italian hospitality is taking shape with Elektra



A big table perfect for sharing and a good espresso to be enjoyed in a space that feels like home. That was our starting point for rethinking the café.

We spend more and more time outside the home and places like offices, shops and cafés are no longer spaces where we are just passing through, but spaces where we are spending our lives. That’s why we have extended our experience with planning domestic spaces to other places where we want to make you feel welcome and at home, through design oriented towards creating a home­like feeling.

Starting from this concept, at we presented, in collaboration with , a plan for the café world. Interpreting what has become the symbol of Italian hospitality worldwide – gathering together and sharing over an espresso – we designed an innovative café where the leading roles are played by the relationships that flow freely in an airy, welcoming space. In this space, sharing and sociality over an espresso are framed and enhanced by the warmth of Wildwood and the lightness of the Pokerbeb systems. At this café, time passes lightly and there is no hurry to get back home.

is a historical Venetian company that has been designing and producing professional espresso machines since 1947. Its desire for innovation was the starting point for our collaboration, which will be leading us together to San Francisco and other cities in America and elsewhere in the world.

Check out the photos below!

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