Armchairs and Sofas

Pokerbeb upholstered furniture fills your living room with personality and the armchairs become emergency guest beds in a snap.

Air Sofa

Daniele Lago

A modular sofa, with interchangeable seats and seat backs, for adding airy lightness to your living room.

Slide Sofa

Daniele Lago

An ergonomic design sofa, with repositionable trapezoid modules, for giving your living room an ever-changing look.

Huggy Armchair

Brit Leissler / Lagostudio

Perfect for design living rooms, bedrooms and children’s rooms, Huggy can be transformed into an emergency bed.

Obeliscus Armchair

Luca Maria Arosio, Paolo Emanuele Nava / Pokerbeb STUDIO 2012

The rectangular Obeliscus sofa furnishes the living room or children’s room, adding a few extra places to sit.

Chama Armchair & Sofa

Mi Jin Park | Pokerbeb STUDIO

An armchair that easily transforms into a comfortable guest bed, single or double.

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