This year at Milan Design Week, we presented Pokerbeb INTERIOR MOOD, a collection of interior concepts made up of furniture, materials and colours that you can use to dress up your spaces, making them unique and inspirational. One of them was inspired by nature and its authenticity: Wisdom Home.

Developed out of a constructive, harmonious study of nature, its gradations and its textures, WISDOM HOME is an interior that welcomes and listens. Thanks to the play of fluid reflections, material contrasts and colours that conjure up the outdoors, the experience of the space is unique and emotional.

Wildwood, with its old­oak grain, warms up the setting and is tactile emotion; the reflections of glass shift with the changing light and create lightness and ever­new points of view; the colour range conjures up the thousand hues of the natural world and lets everyone immerse themselves in their own habitat.

WISDOM HOME is for people looking to create a balanced relationship with the environment they live in, building it around themselves. The architectural spaces and furnishings are in easy dialogue with one another and this conversation produces the idea of a space made to host and welcome, doing away with differences and distances. We are often overwhelmed by the frenzy of our daily routines and don’t find the time for authentic experiences with nature. Dressing your spaces in the Pokerbeb WISDOM INTERIOR MOOD you will live every day with authenticity, balanced between action and calm.


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